The offer and sale of products on the website (“Website") are regulated by these General Conditions of Sale.

Products purchased from the website are sold by L’Inde Le Palais S.r.l. ("L’INDE" or the "Vendor"), with registered headquarters in Italy, at Via Ca’ Ricchi 7, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, Business Reg. No., Tax ID, and VAT reg. no. 02522021209.

For any assistance requirements, please contact our Customer Assistance Service.

1. Business policy

1.1 The Vendor offers products for sale through the website and carries out its e-business activities exclusively for end users who are “consumers". “Consumers" are considered any individual interacting with the website for purposes not to do with any business activities, trade, or professional activities performed.

Products from the website. The Vendor will have the right not to accept or consider purchase orders from subjects that are not end consumers or any other purchase orders that do not comply with these General Conditions of Sale or with the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.2 These General Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, forwarding, and acceptance of purchase orders for products on the website, between the website users and the Vendor.

1.3 The General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or sale of products by subjects other than the Vendor which may be present on the website via links, banners or other hypertext links.

2. How to conclude a contract with the Vendor

2.1 To conclude a purchase for one or more products on the website, it is necessary to complete the e-order form and send it to the Vendor, electronically, following the instructions.

2.2 Before completing the purchase of items by transmitting the order, the customer is asked to read the General Conditions of Sale and the Right of withdrawal with care. Customers will also be shown a summary of contract and commercial conditions applied to the purchase of items, which also links back to the General Conditions of Sale and a summary of information on the basic features of each item order, together with the price (including all applicable taxes or duties), accepted payment methods, types of delivery available, and shipping and handling costs.

2.3 The order form, which will open immediately before the purchase can be completed, will contain the basic features of each item ordered, the price, (including all applicable taxes or duties), the shipping costs (including any additional costs for a specific and/or faster, non-standard shipping or delivery method chosen). The sales contract is concluded when the Vendor electronically receives the order form and after this has been checked to ensure all information entered is correct.

2.4 The order form will be stored on the Vendor’s database for the time period necessary to issue the order and in any case, for the time required by law. Customers can access their orders by entering the “My orders” section.

2.5 The language regulating the contract with the Vendor is Italian. Any texts in other languages are therefore subordinate to Italian.

2.6 Once the contract has been concluded, the Vendor will accept the purchase order.

2.7 The Vendor may decide not to accept orders that are not accompanied by sufficient guarantees of payment or which are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event that products should become unavailable.

In these cases, we will inform the customer by email that the sales contract has not been concluded and that the Vendor has not processed the order, specifying the reasons.

Should the products presented on the website become unavailable or no longer on sale at the time of sending the order, the Vendor will be responsible for communicating that said items are not available, in good time and in any case, no later than thirty (30) days from the following day after receipt of the order. In case of the order being sent and the amounts being paid, the Vendor will refund the payment, without undue delay and the contract between the parties will be considered terminated.

2.8 Electronic transmission of the order form implies customer’s unconditional acceptance, in relations with the Vendor, of these General Conditions of Sale. Users who do not agree with any of the terms listed in the General Conditions of Sale are kindly asked not to submit an order form to purchase items from the website.

2.9 By sending in the order form, the user confirms that they are aware of and accept the General Conditions of Sale and any other information included on the website, including that referred to in links, and including the Terms and Conditions of Use. and the Privacy Policy as well as the information on the Right of withdrawal.

2.10 When the contract is concluded, the Vendor will send an email to the customer containing a receipt for the purchase order, together with the General Conditions of Sale and a summary document for the Right of withdrawal and in any case, all information already available in the trading and contract conditions as viewed before proceeding to make the purchase.

2.11 We remind you that the item being purchased is destined exclusively to the country from which the order is made and therefore, if the user decides send the product to a different country, they will be responsible for said introduction and for compliance with all of the standards and restrictions that may apply, both in terms of export from the country in which the item was purchased and of import in the country to which it is being taken. The Vendor refuses to accept any liability to this regard.

2.12 It is possible to pre-order items from the website if these are intended for arrival over following months. These items will be marked as becoming available at a later date. The availability date marked is an estimate.

In case of payment by Credit Card or PayPal, the amount will be charged on the date of order.

For pre-ordered items for which payment is made by bank transfer, payment must be sent no later than 48 hours from the time of order.

The Vendor refuses to accept any responsibility for changes on the date of delivery, for cancellations or changes to pre-ordered garments due to changes in supplier production.

In cases in which pre-orders cannot be issued, the amount paid by the customer will be credited to the original transaction.

Pre-ordered items will be dispatched as soon as they become available.

The country stated in the shipping address for the pre-order cannot be changed.

3 Guarantees and indications for item prices

3.1 The website exclusively sells items with the AMEN, AMEN COUTURE and A.MEN brands and purchased directly from the Vendor at the fashion house and/or the authorised manufacturer for the fashion house.

3.2 The Vendor does not sell used items, products with irregularities or of a lower quality than the standard items offered on the marketplace.

3.3 The essential characteristics of each item are provided on the website, on the details for each. The images and colours of the products sold through the website may in any case not correspond exactly to the actual item due to the effects of the browser and screen used.

3.4 The official currency on the website is the euro.

All payments and financial transactions on this website will be made in euro. Any prices given in other currencies are purely intended as a guideline to provide the user with a better idea of the currencies.

For purchases from countries using currencies other than the euro, the total charged to the credit card or PayPal account may vary according to exchange rates and the application of any bank commission or charges. Similarly, in case of cancellation of the order and/or returns from the customer, the refund will be paid in euro and may be affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate.

3.4 Product prices may be subject to updates. It is important to check the final sales price before submitting the order form.

3.5 All products are complete with ID tag. In case of returns, this tag should not be removed from purchased items of which it is an integral part.

3.6 Users are responsible for any reduction in value of the product purchased from the website resulting from any use other than that strictly necessary to check the nature and characteristics of same. Therefore, the Vendor, in case the Right of withdrawal is exercised, will have the right not to accept returns or not to refund the whole purchase price for the items in the event that said items no longer have their tags, or their essential characteristics or quality have been altered in any way, or they have been damaged, as explained in section 8.10.

4. Payment

4.1 Orders and shipping can be paid using one of the methods stated in the order form.

4.2 In case of payment by credit card, the financial information (for example, the credit/debit card number and expiry date) will be forwarded, using encryption technology, to Banca Sella, Carisbo, Setefi or other bank providing the relevant distance e-payment services, without third parties having access to it in any way. This information will never be used by the Vendor except to complete the purchasing process or to issued refunds in cases of returns, or following the exercise of Right of withdrawal, or when it is necessary to prevent or inform the police of any fraud committed on the website. The purchase prices of products and shipping and delivery costs, as stated on the order form, will be charged to the current account of the customer from the time of shipping purchased products.

5. Promotional Codes

5.1 Customers who sign up for the website newsletter will receive updates on special offers together with promotional codes that may be added to their carts during the purchasing process. Each code has a starting date and an expiry date, and this time limit will not be extended in any way. Discount offers cannot be used together unless otherwise specified.

5.2 In the event that a customer intends to exercise the Right of withdrawal, as stated in art. 52 of the Consumer Code and return an item to which a promotional code was applied, the standard returns process is will be applied, as stated in the Returns section.

6. Shipping and delivery of products

6.1 To find out the specific methods for shipping and delivery of products, please see the section Shipping Information. Please carefully read this section since the information it provides is an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions of Sale and therefore, you are considered that you are fully aware of and have accepted them at the time of sending in your order form.

7. Customer Assistance

7.1 It is possible to request any information through our assistance services, contacting our Customer Service..

8. Right of withdrawal

8.1 The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with the Vendor, with no penalty charge and without having to state the reason for this, within fourteen (14) days from receipt of the items purchased from the website.

8.2 To withdraw from the contract, the following methods are available: a) contacting Customer care at; b) sending an explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the contract to the Vendor.

When the customer chooses to send in a declaration of withdrawal, the proof of correct and timely exercise of the Right of withdrawal remains with the customer.

Before sending back any goods, the customer must have received an acceptance email from the Vendor, complete with an authorisation code; return shipments shall be clearly marked with the returned item authorisation code on the outside of the packaging.

8.3 Once withdrawal has been exercised and the acceptance email received from the Vendor, the customer shall return the items, delivering them to the courier for shipping, no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of informing the Vendor of the intention to withdraw from the contract.

8.4 The customer will be required to pay the costs for returning purchased items unless the Vendor has expressly waived these costs at the time of accepting the return and provided that the customer uses the courier stated by the Vendor in the return form and/or in the email accepting the request to return an item. In case of purchases made from countries outside the European Union, the customer will be required to pay the customs charges met by L’INDE for the return of items into Italy.

8.5 If the customer decides to use the courier named by the Vendor, they will not have to pay the costs for returns. Payment of costs to return purchased products will be made by the Vendor on the customer’s behalf, which therefore frees the customer from any obligation to make direct payment to the courier. The Vendor will deduct the amount paid for standard shipping of the returned items from the amount of the refund.

8.6 If the customer decides to use a method other than the courier named by the Vendor, they will be responsible for payment of the costs for the returns.

8.7 Right of withdrawal - as well as compliance with the terms and methods described in the above points 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 - will be considered as exercised correctly if also compliant with the following conditions:

  • explicit declaration of the customer’s decision to withdraw from the contract, must be correctly completed and sent to the Vendor within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the products;
  • items must not have been used, worn or washed;
  • the ID tag, which is an integral part of the product, must not have been removed from the products, nor must any disposable seal.
  • products must be returned in their original packaging;
  • returned items must be delivered to the courier no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of informing the Vendor of the intention to withdraw from the contract.
  • items must not be damaged.

8.8 If the Right of withdrawal is exercised according to the methods and terms stated in section 8, the Vendor will refund any sums already paid for the items according to the methods and terms stated.

8.9 Refunds will be paid to the customer in the least amount of time possible and in any case, no later than fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Vendor was informed of the use of the Right of withdrawal; the refund procedure will be implemented once the correct implementation of the terms and conditions above has been checked, as stated in section 9.

8.10 If the methods and terms for exercising the Right of withdrawal have not been complied with, the customer will not have the right to a refund for the sums already paid to the Vendor. Within 14 days from the sending date of the email stating refusal of the return, the customer may opt to have the items returned to them, at their expense and in the same condition in which they were returned to the Vendor and informing the Vendor of this choice and according to the method that will be notified to them. If this is not the case, the Vendor may keep the items, as well the sums paid for their purchase.

9. Refund time and method

9.1 After the product has been returned, the Vendor will make the necessary checks of the conformity of the items under the conditions and terms stated in section 8. In case the checks are positive, the Vendor will commence the process to make the refund to the customer. In case the checks are not positive, the Vendor will inform the customer, by email, of the reduction in the value of the returned items, due to failure by the customer to comply with the conditions in section 8.7. At the same time, the Vendor will inform the customer that the amount will be deducted from the purchase price paid by the customer for the returned items and will make a partial refund, without prejudice to the alternative, which is to accept, at their own expense, the items in the same condition as returned to the Vendor and according to that stated in the above section 8.10.

9.2 Whatever method of payment used by the customer, the refund, whether full or partial, will be processed by the Vendor in the smallest possible amount of time, according to art 56, subsection I of the Consumer Code, and in any case, within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Vendor was informed of the customer’s intention to exercise the Right of withdrawal and the check of returned items.

9.3 The Vendor will make the refund in euro, using the same method of payment as used by the customer to make the purchase. When there is no correspondence between the recipient of the item stated on the order form and the person who paid for the purchase, the sum will be refunded by the Vendor, in case of exercise of the Right of withdrawal, to the person who made the purchase.

9.4 The Vendor will state the courier to use to return items (UPS, DHL, etc.). Using a courier service, stating the authorisation number for the return, as provided by the Vendor, the customer may return items to the Vendor without paying the additional costs directly. According to the methods and terms set out for exercise of the Right of withdrawal, this method will allow Vendors to make direct payment, on the customer’s behalf, of the costs for returning the purchased items, freeing them of all obligation to make direct payment to the courier. The Vendor will deduct the amount paid for standard shipping of the returned items from the amount of the refund.

9.6 In case the customer decides to use a different courier to the service named by the Vendor, they will be liable for the shipping costs and, including liability in case of loss or damage to the products.

10 Privacy

10.1 The website user may obtain information as to how their personal data are used accessing the Privacy Policy.

10.2 Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use. because they contain important indications about how website users’ data are processed and the security systems used.

10.3 For any other information on the Privacy Policy it is possible to send requests to the following email address: or the address of the Vendor’s registered offices, Via Ca’ Ricchi 7 – 40068 - San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, Italy.

11 Applicable law

11.1 These General Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law and therefore, will be interpreted and executed in compliance with them.

12 Amendments and update

12.1 The General Conditions of Sale are amended from time to time, also in correspondence with changes to law. New General Conditions of Sale will enter into effect from the date of publication on the website conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use.

Access to and use of (the “Website”) are activities regulated by the current Terms and Conditions of Use.

Access to and use of this website, as well as the purchase of goods on presume the reading, knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The website is managed and maintained by L’INDE LE PALAIS S.r.l. ("L’INDE" or the “Manager”), headquartered in Italy, at Via Ca’ Ricchi 7, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna Iscr. Reg. Imp., Tax ID Code and VAT reg. no. 02522021209.

Should you require assistance, please visit the website sections that include information about orders and shipping, refunds and the return of purchased goods, as well as the website’s registration form, suggestions and other general information about services provided by L’Inde; or contact Customer Service.

For any other legal information, it is possible to consult the Terms and Conditions of Sale, Right of withdrawal and Privacy Policy sections of the website.

L’Inde may modify or simply update, these Terms and Conditions of Us., either wholly or in part.

Any changes or updates to these Terms and Conditions of Use. will be notified to users as soon as they are adopted, and will become binding as soon as they are published in this same section of the website.

Access to and use of the website, including website display, communication with L’Inde, the possibility of downloading product information and the purchase of items on the website, are activities performed by our users for personal reasons, not related to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity.

The user is solely responsible for the use of the website and its contents.

L’Inde cannot therefore be considered responsible for any improper use, or use that does not comply with current laws, of the website or its contents.

In particular, the user is solely responsible for the communication of incorrect, false or third-party information and data, without consent from the latter

and in consideration of the incorrect use of same.

Lastly, if any kind of material downloaded or obtained by the user through the service should cause any damage to the computer system or loss of data related to the downloading operations, the user is the sole accountable party, and responsibility cannot be ascribed to L’Inde.

L’Inde will not be liable to the user if, for any reason:

  • the website is unavailable at any time or for any period;
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The user is also responsible for the safekeeping and correct use of his or her own personal information, including credentials, and for all harmful effects derived from the incorrect use, loss and abduction of this information.

1. Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy section carefully, which applies also in the case of website and relate services access without products purchase.

The Privacy Policy clarifies how L’Inde collects and uses personal data and for what purposes.


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It is forbidden to reproduce, the website and its contents, partly or completely and in any form, without the prior written consent of L’Inde which, in case of any kind of breach, reserves its right to act in order to restore the damage and to delete illicit and/or harmful conduct related to its own intellectual property rights.


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